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Associate and Fellowship Awards
From the International Society for Philosophers

Here you will find information about the Associate and Fellowship awards from the International Society for Philosophers.

Pathways to Philosophy and the ISFP awards seem in many ways ideally suited to one another, with Pathways providing a structured program in philosophy, while the Associate and Fellowship awards offer the freedom to pursue your philosophical inquiries in whichever direction your interests take you. The result is a philosophy distance learning program of great flexibility, that can be as challenging as you choose to make it.

The Associate and Fellowship awards present an ideal opportunity for any aspiring philosopher to hone his or her essay and paper writing skills. Successful submissions are added to the Pathways Essay Archive.

These pages are designed to be complementary to Pathways to Philosophy, and together form a miniature introduction to philosophy. Whatever you may decide to do in pursuing your philosophical studies, we hope you find the materials useful, as well as stimulating and enjoyable to read. If you have any further queries, or comments about the materials, please use the Comments Form or e-mail klempner@fastmail.net.


The two societies The formation of the International Society for Philosophers and its relation to the Pathways school of philosophy.

Why study philosophy? Reflections on the nature of philosophical inquiry and what motivates human beings to philosophise. The benefits of studying philosophy.

Associate and Fellowship awards How the Associate and Fellowship awards are administered and examined, and advice for students writing essays for the Associate, or a dissertation for the Fellowship.

Devising your own study plan No two Associate or Fellowship students follow the same study plan. Here is some well tested advice on how to choose your research topic and find the best way of pursuing it.

Register now Apply online to register as a student with the ISFP.

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From 2003–2014 Pathways provided tuition for the Diploma and BA in Philosophy offered by the University of London International Programme based at Birkbeck College.

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