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Pathways to Philosophy
adventures in distance learning

Pathways was designed from the start as a distance learning program. The six Pathways to Philosophy were developed over a period of three years 1995–8 through dialogue with the first Pathways students. Since then, many hundreds of students have enjoyed the Pathways experience and contributed to the on-going development of Pathways.

The success of Pathways to Philosophy is the result of our commitment to high standards of student support, provision of original study materials and intensive feedback on all work submitted for assessment.

There are no specific entry requirements other than an interest in learning about philosophy in the Western tradition. Our students span the full range of ages and educational backgrounds. Since 1995, students from over 60 countries world wide have shared the Pathways experience.

The six Pathways can be taken on their own or in combination with awards from the International Society for Philosophers. For more information, go to the Associate and Fellowship programs and awards.

If you have any questions about the six Pathways to Philosophy, please use the Comments Form or e-mail


Questions and answers Answers to frequently asked questions like, 'Who are Pathways programs for?', 'How can Pathways help me to get into university?', 'How good does my English have to be?'

Six Pathways Outlines of the six Pathways: Introduction to Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Moral Philosophy, and Metaphysics. Each outline is linked to two extracts and two sample essays by Pathways students.

Following your pathway A synopsis of the Pathways approach to teaching philosophy and the options available for students who have completed one of the six Pathways.

Writing a philosophy essay The importance of writing in the study of philosophy with advice designed to remove the mystique from the task of writing your first philosophy essay.

Pathways introductory book list Brief reviews of some of the philosophy books available for the beginning student. The last section contains books specifically relating to the six Pathways.

The Pathways experience A selection of comments from students describing their personal experiences of learning with Pathways.

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Pathways e-journals Philosophy Pathways and Philosophy for Business are distributed by the University of Sheffield List Server and listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals.

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Since 2003 Pathways has provided tuition for the Diploma and BA in Philosophy offered by the University of London International Programme based at Birkbeck College.

Birkbeck College London Department of Philosophy University of London International Programme for Philosophy