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Pathways to Philosophy: Meetups!
Start a local group and get support from Pathways

If you are currently taking or have taken any of the Pathways study tracks — Six Pathways, ISFP Awards or Diploma and BA via Pathways, then we will give you all the backing you need to start a philosophy group near where you live. All you need to do is find a suitable location — book shop, bar, café, or just take turns with other members of the group hosting the philosophy discussion at home.

There are no restrictions on philosophical topics or subject matter. The possibilities are endless. You are there as convenor, rather than as a teacher or presenter. From our experience, if you want the group to be a success then everyone should be encouraged to contribute ideas and help make your meetings enjoyable and rewarding for all.

If you want to start a group with official support from Pathways, the only thing we ask you to do is report back at regular intervals to let us know how you are getting on, most importantly, to enable other philosophy groups or potential group convenors to learn from your experience.

All reports will be posted on the Pathways web site, along with contact details of Pathways students wishing to start up their own local groups. We are here to answer your philosophical questions, as well as questions of a more practical nature. We might even be able to arrange for one of the Pathways mentors to come and give a talk.

Group members are encouraged but not required to join the International Society for Philosophers. The most interesting or newsworthy reports will be published in the Philosophy Pathways e-journal.

Interested? Contact us at

Watch this space for more details!

Geoffrey Klempner

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