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Online philosophy courses leading to Associate and Fellowship awards from the International Society for Philosophers and Diploma and BA degree from the University of London

The Pathways web sites are the work of philosophy teachers, students and enthusiasts around the globe.

"Philosophy is the ultimate expression of human freedom. We believe in freedom of thought and expression but also in the responsibility that goes with that freedom. As philosophers, we value and respect those whose views differ from our own.

"Our mission is to teach the world to philosophize."

[from ISFP Mission Statement]

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Pathways Update

Philosophy Pathways 188

Special issue dedicated to the philosophy of D.R. Khashaba

'The Riddle of the Parmenides' by D.R. Khashaba

'Creative Eternity' by D.R. Khashaba

'Socrates Answers Aristotle' by D.R. Khashabae



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Gallery of Russian Thinkers

Bakhtin, Berdyaev, Bogdanov, Eitingon, Granoff, Ilyenkov, Jakobson, Kojeve, Lenin, Losev, Lotman, Luria, Mamardashvili, Medvedev, Propp, Rapoport, Roerich, Rozanov, Schpet, Shestov, Spielrein, Trubetskoy, Vasiliev, Yanovskaya

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The first Pathways distance learning students joined in 1995. The Pathways web site was launched in 1997.

In 2002, the International Society of Philosophers was formed to promote the benefits of philosophy, and to run the Pathways programs and awards. There are currently 1864 ISFP members in 90 countries.

Director of Studies
Dr Geoffrey Klempner

If you have any comments about the Pathways web site, or if you would like to ask a question about the Pathways online courses, please use the Feedback form.

Choosing your own Pathway

Pathways offers an exciting range of options. However, if you ask the following simple questions, it is easy to find the Pathway that is ideal for you:

— are you a beginner, or have you studied philosophy before?

— do you want to follow a set program of study, or would you prefer to devise your own program?

— is there a time frame within which you would like your studies to be completed?

— are you looking for an accredited course which leads to a recognized qualification?

— what are you hoping to do after you finish your studies with Pathways?

There are three study tracks:

* Six Pathways Programs

* ISFP Associate Award

* ISFP Fellowship Award

Click the above links to find out more.

If you would like advice about your philosophical Pathway, please email the Director of Studies Dr Geoffrey Klempner at

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From 2003–2014 Pathways has provided tuition for the Diploma and BA in Philosophy offered by the University of London International Programme based at Birkbeck College.

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