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PHILOSOPHY PATHWAYS electronic journal


P H I L O S O P H Y   P A T H W A Y S                   ISSN 2043-0728

Issue number 5
31 March 2001


I. Your Top Ten Philosophy Sites

II. About.com Spotlight on Philosophy Programs

III. Who Will Employ Gladys Gilbert?



From 'The Glass House Philosopher' 29th March:

"On Wednesday evening, half-way through my third pint of lager in 'The Royal',
as I watched my smoke rings drift to the ceiling, I had a bright idea. Why not
get visitors to the Pathways web site to vote for their favourite philosophy
sites on the internet? I spent Thursday morning writing the page and testing
it, and posted it the same day. I've called it 'Vote for your favourite
philosophy site!'..."

Bright idea, or just plain crazy? If you would like to vote, just go to:


Click on 'voting form'. Enter the details of your favourite philosophy web site
- or the site you enjoyed visiting most this week - and choose the category
which best describes the web site. Don't forget your name and e-mail, and if
possible the webmaster's name and e-mail so that they can be notified if their
site makes the top ten. Then click 'submit' to register your vote. It's as
simple as that!

Votes will be counted and the results posted each week. Top ten rankings will
be decided by cumulative total, which I believe will give a more accurate
representation of philosophy sites with lasting appeal.

I haven't yet decided whether or not to include the Pathways web sites in the
listings. The argument for is that people should be allowed to place their vote
as they see fit. The argument against is that the whole purpose of the listings
is to give a guide to other philosophy sites on the internet worth visiting.
What do you think?

Will the idea ever get off the ground? It is up to you. Go and register your
vote now!



By sheer coincidence (or was it??) the About.com Philosophy Newsletter 'The
Premise' was published just yesterday, with an item on 'Your favourite
philosophy program':

     The Premise: A Philosophy Newsletter from About.com
     March 30, 2001 - Vol. 3, No. 12
     Spotlight: Your Favorite Philosophy Program?
     Someone recently sent me their choices for the top 10
     philosophy departments in the United States. I though it
     might be interesting to throw it out to all of you and see
     what kind of information we get. Here's what I'd like to
     do, if you're interested: sometime in the next month, send
     me your pick for what you feel is the best philosophy
     department (or the top 3, or 10, whatever, although try to
     keep it to 10 or less) in the country of your choice. Put
     "Schools" in the subject line so I can more easily collect
     these. If you'd like to make any comments on why you feel a
     particular program is superior to others, feel free to
     include that as well. I'm not sure exactly how I will be
     compiling the information yet, but some time in May I'll
     put a section online with the results. Send your choices to
     Rich Gray
     About.com Guide of Philosophy
- Coincidence or not, this is too good an opportunity to pass up!

If you are a Pathways or Philosophical Society Diploma student, e-mail Rich
Gray at philosophy.guide@about.com to vote for the Philosophical Society of
England distance learning programs. Put 'Schools' in the subject line. "If
you'd like to make any comments on why you feel a particular program is
superior to others, feel free to include that as well." - Your vote really will
make a difference. Thanks!



A short while ago, I received a message on the Pathways 'Feedback' form from
Gladys Gilbert, a registered nurse based in the UK. As a number of Pathways and
Diploma students are working in the British health service, I promised Gladys
that I would reproduce her comments here:

"I am an unemployed Registered Nurse...I was with Gateway District Health
Department for seven and a half years...I keep hearing about the nursing
shortage, but I am drawing Unemployment Benefit. I know at the age of 55 most
people don't want to hire you. However, I have been trained in all areas of
public health, I only have an A.D. in Nursing. But after raising my children, I
got my G.E.D. and my L.P.N. license, and then my R.N. license, as well as a
Paralegal degree...Yet I cannot find work. I love your page and this is just a
comment, maybe if I attach my resume, it could be posted somewhere, any
positive actions would be of help. I feel like my nursing career is over, yet I
am trained in so many areas. Thanks for listening, keep up the good work.

If you have any suggestions, or would like to offer your support - or best of
all, a job! - please e-mail Gladys Gilbert at: mymother174@hotmail.com .

- That's all for this issue. Remember, tomorrow is April Fool's Day, so watch
out for pranks!

Geoffrey Klempner

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  Pathways to Philosophy distance learning program

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