Order the Pathways CD-ROM!

Pathways CD-ROM

Pathways CD-ROM

New!! Over four thousand pages from the Pathways web sites have been put onto a single CD-ROM.

The Pathways CD-ROM is a complete and accurate snapshot of all the Pathways web sites.

The Pathways CD-ROM also includes all the latest posts from Electronic Philosopher and Ask a Philosopher.

The cost of the Pathways CD-ROM is just 12.50 GBP.

The CD-ROM is free to all Pathways students. Select 'Pathways CD-ROM — I would like a copy' on the Pathways application form.

If you are not taking one of the three Pathways study tracks, email klempner@fastmail.net for details of how to order your Pathways CD-ROM and pay via PayPal.

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